Showing Up During COVID-19

Gretchen Mudoga is housing operations director at THA and she had this to say about how her team in Affordable Housing is showing up for our residents and each other through the COVID-19 pandemic:

“I have thought a lot about the current pandemic and how many of the staff at THA are doing amazing things.

In my role, I understand our staff are functioning, conducting their daily jobs, and while they may not seem like a big deal to them, I can say the Affordable Housing staff are essential heroes in my eyes. I have never been prouder in my life of this group of employees…’my peeps.’

Julia Works is a member of the THA Maintenance team and is just one of the shining examples of commitment to our residents

Many don’t realize but we are a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year working group. The staff have been so supportive of each other and me in ways I am so thankful for. From the employee who asked me if we can take a walk in the sun social distancing to just talk and breathe (I set my tan lines that day!), to the staff who call  to check on each other, the many who have chosen to come to work and decided to have their children live with someone else to enable them to be at work and not worry about COVID affecting their loved ones. I can go on and on about the many little things our team members do daily. (They even put up with my corny jokes and stories.)

Everyone has stepped up with no complaint, working together, and all staff have to ask is “Where do you need me, what can I do to help?”

This team of staff are my heroes, coming in every day, getting units turned and assisting residents. The teamwork and camaraderie are priceless in my eyes.

I just wanted to share how proud I am of this team of employees. We may not be perfect, but we show up!”

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